This guide will teach you how to burn Spacecoin or tokens.

Table of Contents

Please Note

Burning coins will make them inaccessible to you and everyone else.

Coins will effectively be destroyed.

Be sure you want to burn your coins before proceeding.


  1. Open your Spacecoin wallet.

  2. Send coins to address RD6GgnrMpPaTSMn8vai6yiGA7mN4QGPVMY.

Your coins are now burnt.

Extra Information

From jl777:

This might not look like a burn address, but its wif is: Up1YVLk7uuErCHVQyFCtfinZngmdwfyfc47WCQ8oJxgowEbuo6t4
which is the all null privkey: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
which also makes an all null pubkey due to code logic:
SHA256 of 7f9c9e31ac8256ca2f258583df262dbc7d6f68f2a03043d5c99a4ae5a7396ce9
RMD160 29cfc6376255a78451eeb4b129ed8eacffa2feef