This guide will teach you how to create a token on the SPACE blockchain.

To create a Non Fungible Token (NFT) see Create A NFT.

Tokens are available with Spacecoind or Spacecoin-QT.

Table of Contents

Please Note

Tokens require you to be using a pubkey. For more information see Pubkey Information.

You will need SPACE in your wallet. 1 SPACE should be enough.

With Spacecoin-QT the commands will need to be entered in the console. This is accessible at Help -> Debug Window -> Console.

All of the token methods can be viewed by running help or visiting the Spacecoin RPC Docs.

Background Information

Determine the name, supply, and description for your token.

When creating the token supply each satoshi creates 1 token.

1 SPACE would create 100,000,000 tokens.


  1. Navigate to spacecoin-cli or Console depending on your wallet.

  2. Enter the command tokencreate name supply description replacing the fields with your desired information.

    Example: tokencreate SWTT 0.00393939 "SpaceWorks Test Token". This will create token SWTT with a supply of 393,939.

    tokencreate will return a hex-encoded transaction that needs to be broadcast to the network with sendrawtransaction.

  3. Enter the command sendrawtransaction hexFromTokenCreate

    Example: sendrawtransaction 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

    This returns a Transaction ID (txid). This txid is also your tokenid.