This guide will teach you how to get information about a fund.

The heir module is available with Spacecoind or Spacecoin-QT.

Table of Contents

Please Note

The Heir module requires you to be using a pubkey. For more information see Pubkey Information.

With Spacecoin-QT the commands will need to be entered in the console. This is accessible at Help -> Debug Window -> Console.

Background Information

To get information about a fund, it must have already been created with heirfund.

You will need to fill in:

  • fundingtxid - the txid of the heir fund you want info on.

If you don’t know the fundingtxid you can use the command heirlist to see all of the fundingtxid of all the funds available.


  1. Navigate to spacecoin-cli or Console depending on your wallet.

  2. Enter the command: heirinfo fundingtxid

    Example: heirinfo 8c692a88942da92e926a778eca7c0a996c7294bd29f7cb92607bbaa4854b10a5

    This will return all information about the fund.

       "fundingtxid": "8c692a88942da92e926a778eca7c0a996c7294bd29f7cb92607bbaa4854b10a5",
       "name": "Son",
       "owner": "0322e7941d70b43697d7b402d7f66bc4eb512dc97c0f338c3172f29181260af076",
       "heir": "0347da1a89a90b0b62178abcb2f4d8c64b1ec3fee28c9350aa9ab48804e8455df5",
       "type": "coins",
       "lifetime": "0.10000000",
       "available": "0.10000000",
       "InactivityTimeSetting": "60",
       "IsHeirSpendingAllowed": "true",
       "memo": "Spacecoin Funds for my son",
       "result": "success"