This guide will teach you how to import an address generated with AtomicDEX seed.

This is available with Spacecoind or Spacecoin-QT.

Table of Contents

Please Note

With Spacecoin-QT the commands will need to be entered in the console. This is accessible at Help -> Debug Window -> Console.


  1. Navigate to spacecoin-cli or Console depending on your wallet.

  2. Enter the command convertpassphrase "your long and secure seed generated with atomicDEX".

    The output will display the Address and Private Keys associated with your seed.


       "agamapassphrase": "your long and secure seed generated with atomicDEX",
       "address": "RTCqmfQr3e5csyPpRNnLZLbzMcHmcngiSb",
       "pubkey": "03b22eeb6cf6408607fddd770abb2ba3bbb64b112a3c626a8e8ac5fb090287c710",
       "privkey": "c88ec5711d611f4c2b53597352d60e58fa77e2ca0580386f71b7867147a5d250",
       "wif": "UvjQFXKynQ2LSMtXeWnHdE79mtXZ7nyGqKwStWxygSyg9EecvRLm"
  3. Enter the command importprivkey wifFromConvertPassphraseOutput

    Ex: importprivkey UvjQFXKynQ2LSMtXeWnHdE79mtXZ7nyGqKwStWxygSyg9EecvRLm

    This will add the associated address to the wallet and rescan to look for transactions.