This guide will teach you how to setup a setup a proper Spacecoin staking node utilizing all of the 64 segID addresses.

Table of Contents


  • Machine: You need a machine to run Spacecoin and pos64staker, preferably a linux server that can stay running 24/7. This guide is intended for ubuntu 16.04/18.04 but can be adapted to other platforms.

  • Coins: You need Spacecoin to be able to stake. Mine or buy some so that you have a balance. Preferably in a wallet other than the staking node. We will send them to the staking node during setup.

  • Security: Since your node will be holding coins make sure it’s secure. Here’s an initial server setup for ubuntu 16.04 (do the recommended steps 4 and 5):

  • CLI Background: While we tried to make the guide as easy as possible, it’s good to have an understanding of how the command line works and what you’re actually entering.

Consider using small amounts of coins if it’s your first time doing this process or using CLI commands.

Install Spacecoin

  1. SSH into your sever or open Terminal on your machine.

  2. Install the needed dependencies:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config libc6-dev m4 g++-multilib autoconf libtool ncurses-dev unzip git python python-zmq zlib1g-dev wget libcurl4-gnutls-dev bsdmainutils automake curl libsodium-dev

  3. Clone and build spacecoin:

     git clone --branch master --single-branch
     cd spacecoin
     ./zcutil/ -j4
     # Change -j4 to specify the number of cores to use. ex: -j2

Setup Spacecoin

  1. Navigate to the spacecoin/src directory:

    cd spacecoin/src

  2. Start a new screen for spacecoin:

    screen -S spacecoin

  3. Start spacecoin:


    Here you will see all of the output from spacecoind as spacecoin starts up and syncs.

  4. Use Ctrl + A + Ctrl + D to exit the screen. (you can return to it at any point with screen -r spacecoin)

  5. Use ./spacecoin-cli getnewaddress to get a new Spacecoin address.

  6. Fund your staking node by sending SPACE to this address.

  7. Use ./spacecoin-cli getinfo to check info from the spacecoin daemon.

When blocks is equal to longestchain the blockchain is fully synced.

Also check balance is greater than 0.

Install pos64staker

  1. Install the needed dependencies:

     sudo apt-get install python3-dev
     sudo apt-get install python3 libgnutls28-dev libssl-dev
     sudo apt-get install python3-pip
     pip3 install setuptools
     pip3 install wheel
     pip3 install base58 slick-bitcoinrpc
  2. Clone pos64staker and enter the directory:

     git clone
     cd pos64staker

Setup pos64staker

  1. Run the genaddresses script to create your 64 addresses:


  2. It will ask you to specify which chain. Tell it SPACE for spacecoin:

    Please specify chain:SPACE

    This will create a list.json file in the current directory (/home/pos64staker).


  3. Copy the list.json file to the directory spacecoind is located:

    cp list.json ~/spacecoin/src/list.json

  4. Open the list.json file so you can get your pubkey.

    nano list.json

  5. Copy/paste the pubkey of the first segID to a txt file so you can use it later.

    Example of Pubkey: 039e1f9a06d9d41981d0cc1c380d0965e82250d436523e18b42832b1e41f037e00

  6. Use Ctrl + X to exit the file.

  7. Distribute your Spacecoin to all 64 addresses:


    Specify SPACE as your chain and decide on the size and amount of UTXOS to send.

    Ideally you’d like to try to use the entire balance on you sent to the node.

     Please specify chain:SPACE
     Please specify the size of UTXOs:9
     Please specify the amount of UTXOs to send to each segID:2

    Please take note of what this is actually asking for:

    The above example will send 1152 coins total. It will send 18 coins in 2 UTXOs (9 each) to each of your 64 addresses (segIDs). ((9 * 2) * 64) = 1152

    It will give an error if your entered amounts are more than your balance. It will tell you how much available you have for each segID.

Launch Spacecoin

  1. Return to the spacecoin/src directory:

    cd && cd spacecoin/src

  2. Stop the running spacecoin daemon:

    ./spacecoin-cli stop

  3. Resume the spacecoin screen:

    screen -r spacecoin

  4. Restart the spacecoin chain with -pubkey and -blocknotify parameters:

    ./spacecoind -pubkey=<pubkey_from_list.json> '-blocknotify=/<path_to>/pos64staker/ %s SPACE'

    Make sure to replace <pubkey_from_list.json> with the pubkey you copied earlier from the list.json file. Example: 03edad710b86de3815c45cb16b152ae0c0f8d995f78dfbeca77e5201defde307dc

    Make sure to replace <path_to> in -blocknotify= with the correct path to the script. Example: /home/$USER/pos64staker/

  5. Use Ctrl + A + Ctrl + D to exit the screen.

  6. Enable staking:

    ./spacecoin-cli setgenerate true 0


At this point your spacecoin staking node should be setup and staking.

  1. To verify you are staking do:

    ./spacecoin-cli getgenerate

    look for: "staking": true,

  2. For more staking info use:

    ./spacecoin-cli getbalance64

  3. After some time of staking check your balance and you’ll see it starting to grow:

    ./spacecoin-cli getinfo

As you stake blocks and earn more coins, pos64staker will distribute the new coins each of your 64 segID addresses.

Next Time

If you stop spacecoin at all for updates, machine reboot, etc. simply follow the steps from [Launch Spacecoin](#Launch-Spacecoin) to start staking again!


If you'd like to withdraw funds from a staking node without messing up the 64 segID distribution, do:

cd && cd pos64staker

It will walk you through the withdraw process.