This guide will teach you how to stake with Spacecoind.

Table of Contents

Please Note

With Spacecoind the commands will need to be used with spacecoin-cli.

For staking to work the wallet needs to be unlocked. If you encrypted your wallet you will need to unlock it with the command walletpassphrase.

Example: spacecoin-cli walletpassphrase "your passphrase" 3600

3600 is the time in seconds the wallet will stay unlocked before locking again. This means you will need to unlock it again after this specified amount of time to continue staking.

The wallet must stay open and online to be able to stake.


  1. Run spacecoind and let the blockchain fully sync.

  2. Send coins to your wallet if you do not have any in your wallet already.

  3. Run spacecoin-cli setgenerate true 0.

You can check to make sure you are staking with spacecoin-cli getgenerate. (Guide)