This guide will teach you how to use a private key in AtomicDEX.

Please Note

When entering the private key be sure to copy/paste it exactly.

Any change when inputting will equate to a different address than the one linked to the private key.


  1. Open AtomicDEX-Desktop.

  2. Select Recover Wallet.

  3. Name the wallet anything you’d like.

  4. Select the checkbox for Allow custom Seed.

  5. In the seed field, input the private key you wish to use.

  6. Choose any password you’d like for the Password and Confirm Password fields.

  7. Select the Confirm button.

  8. Check the boxes for EULA and Terms and Conditions and select Confirm.

  9. Input your password and click Login.

  10. Start using AtomicDEX with your desired private key as the wallet.