This guide will teach you how to setup AtomicDEX-Desktop for your desired platform.

Table of Contents

Please Note

AtomicDEX is a multicoin lite wallet, as well as a decentralized exchange that utilizes atomic swaps.

For legal reasons, the DEX function in the official version is unavailable to users in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Sudan, Austria, and Iran. There is a version that removes this geoblock that is maintained at Use this version instead of the link in Step 1, if you’re in a geoblocked country.


  1. Navigate to


  2. Scroll down to Assets.


  3. Download atomicDEX-Desktop for your platform. On Windows/Mac, both installer and portable versions are available.


  4. Run the downloaded file. If you downloaded the installer version, follow the AtomicDEX-Desktop Installer Setup to install on your system and then open.


  5. Once AtomicDEX-Desktop starts select New Wallet.

    New wallet

  6. Complete the steps to setup your wallet.

    New wallet Setup

It is extremely important to backup your seed! It can be used to recover your wallet at any point in the future.

You are now setup! Login to your wallet to start sending/receiving coins and trading.