Use AtomicDEX-Desktop As A Wallet

This guide will teach you how to use AtomicDEX-Desktop as a wallet.

Table of Contents

Please Note

AtomicDEX is a multicoin lite wallet, as well as a decentralized exchange that utilizes atomic swaps.

It is assumed that you have already setup AtomicDEX-Desktop.


  1. Open AtomicDEX-Desktop and login to your wallet.


  1. Click on the Wallet page from the menu on the left side.


  1. Click on the + button to open the coin list.

Add Coin

  1. Select the coin or coins you would like to use and click Enable.


  1. Select a coin from the side bar.


  1. Click on the Receive button to see your coin address.


  1. After receiving coins, the Send button will be available as well.


You are ready to start sending/receiving coins and trading!