This guide will teach you how to claim the funds from the crossword puzzle.

Table of Contents

Please Note

Only 1 person will be able to claim the funds.

When entering the seed, it is case sensitive, so use all lowercase letters.

If no coins are in the wallet then someone else beat you to them or you typed the seed incorrectly.


  1. Successfully complete the crossword puzzle at

  2. Setup AtomicDEX-Desktop if it’s not already installed.

  3. Open AtomicDEX-Desktop.

  4. Select Recover Wallet.

  5. Name the wallet Crossword Puzzle or anything you’d like.

  6. Select the checkbox for Allow custom Seed.

  7. In the seed field, input the answers to the crossword puzzle in numerical order with spaces between each word. Example: the answers to the crossword puzzle are the seed

  8. Choose any password you’d like for the Password and Confirm Password fields.

  9. Select the Confirm button.

  10. Check the boxes for EULA and Terms and Conditions and select Confirm.

  11. Input your password and click Login.

  12. Enable Spacecoin (SPACE) and send the coins to your personal wallet. Guide

Congratulations to the winner!