This guide will teach you how to run mm2.

Table of Contents

Please Note

It is assumed you already have already Setup MM2.

If you’d like to simplify this process, use MMTools.

The instructions use the program screen to keep the process running in the background.


  1. Open a Terminal.

  2. Navigate to the directory with mm2.

    In this case, we’ll assume you followed the Build MM2 on Ubuntu guide:

    cd atomicDEX-API/target/release

  3. Source the userpass file:

    source userpass

  4. Start a screen to run mm2 in:

    screen -S mm2

  5. Start mm2 with the following command, replacing <yourSeed> with your seed:

    ./mm2 "{\"netid\":7777, \"userhome\":\"/${HOME#"/"}\", \"passphrase\":\"<yourSeed>\", \"rpc_password\":\"$userpass\"}" &

  6. Use Ctrl + A + Ctrl + D to exit the screen.

    You can return to it at any point with screen -r mm2.

You can now start using MM2.