This guide will teach you how to setup mm2.

Table of Contents

Please Note

It is assumed you already built or downloaded mm2 on your system.

If you’d like to simplify this process, use MMTools.


  1. Open a Terminal.

  2. Navigate to the directory with mm2.

    In this case, we’ll assume you followed the Build MM2 on Ubuntu guide:

    cd atomicDEX-API/target/release

Coins File

  1. Download the coins file:



When setting up a userpass, make it something safe so others can’t access your mm2.

  1. Use nano to create the userpass file:

    nano userpass

  2. Enter the following, replacing <yourUserpass> with a userpass you choose yourself.

    export userpass="<yourUserpass>"

  3. Use Ctrl + X to exit.

  4. Press y to save the file.

  5. Press enter to keep the name the same.


Create a seed for your AtomicDEX account.

Make sure to keep it somewhere safe and don’t share with anyone else. The seed holds access to your coins.

You can use AtomicDEX-Desktop to get a seed or use a tool such as

You are now ready to Run MM2.