Setup MM2

This guide will teach you how to setup mm2.

Table of Contents

Please Note

It is assumed you already built or downloaded mm2 on your system.


Open a Terminal.

Navigate to the directory with mm2. In this case, we’ll assume you followed the Build MM2 on Ubuntu guide:

cd atomicDEX-API/target/release

Coins File

Download the coins file:



Setup a userpass. Make it something safe so others can’t access your mm2.

Use nano to create the userpass file:

nano userpass

Enter the follow, replacing <yourUserpass> with a userpass you choose yourself.

export userpass="<yourUserpass>"

Use Ctrl + X to exit. Press y to save the file.


Create a seed for your AtomicDEX account.

Make sure to keep it somewhere safe and don’t share with anyone else. The seed holds access to your coins.

You can use AtomicDEX-Desktop to get a seed or use a tool such as

You are now ready to Run MM2.